The attorneys at Coquina Law Group recently prevailed at the appellate level before the Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal.  In the lower court, Plaintiff was seeking approximately $400,000 in damages under a lease entered with our client.  Our client counter claimed that Plaintiff breached the lease by failing to ...
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Contingency Fee Multiplier

Contingency Fee Multipliers increase the rate of attorney’s fees awarded to the prevailing parties’ attorney.  Once the court determines the reasonable hour rate for the attorney ($350-$600 is the norm on east coast of FL,) the rate is multiplied from 1.1 to 2.5, substantially increasing the attorney fee award.   ...
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Drone Law Summary

If you have or want an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) a/k/a “Drone” then you should be familiar with the laws governing drones. This article is focused on providing a basic outline of current regulations for drone operations.  Drones are regulated by the FAA because they are considered aircraft and in ...
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