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Unit Owner Empowerment: The Evolution of Florida Condo Law

In the vibrant landscape of Florida’s real estate, condominiums are pillars of community living. Governed by a set of laws unique to the state, Florida condo law has undergone significant evolution over the years, with a central focus on empowering unit owners. Understanding this evolution is critical to navigating the intricacies of condo ownership in […]

Navigating the New HB1021: What Florida Condo Owners Need to Know

The landscape of Florida condominium law has undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of House Bill 1021 (HB1021). This comprehensive legislation brings about crucial changes that directly impact condo owners across the state. Understanding the nuances of HB1021 is paramount for condo owners to navigate the legal landscape effectively and safeguard their interests. Key […]

Protecting Your Rights: Understanding Florida Condominium Association Official Records

Official records are the cornerstone of transparency and accountability within Florida condominium associations. As a condominium owner, it’s crucial to understand your rights regarding access to these records to protect your interests and ensure the proper management of your community. What Are Official Records? In the realm of Florida condo law, official records encompass a […]

Unlocking Opportunity: Navigating the FTC’s Ban on Non-compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements have long been a serious issue in employment law, often leading to legal battles and employee dissatisfaction. On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made a significant announcement by issuing a final rule that bans non-compete agreements nationwide. This move addresses the widespread concerns surrounding non-compete agreements and their impact on […]

Florida AOB Reform

AOB Reform Has Finally Come! Pending signing by the governor, the law takes effect July 1, 2019. Florida has been plagued with problems associated with Assignment of Benefits (AOB) regarding property insurance.  What started out as a great tool to help insureds get their property repaired quickly got out of control once certain actors began taking […]

AViCON 2018

Attorney Ashby Underhill recently attended AViCON in Stevensville, MD at RTI Forensic’s headquarters.  The aviation law conference centered around a set of facts and mock simulation prepared by RTI.   Check out the awesome simulation here.  The conference was well attended by fellow defense attorneys, plaintiff attorneys, and aviation claim adjusters. Ashby participated in a panel […]

Coquina Law Group Sponsors the May 17, 2018 N FL CLM Chapter Event

Coquina Law Group is proud to be a sponsor of The CLM’s North Florida Chapter Event on May 17, 2018 in Jacksonville, FL.  The CLM, Claims and Litigation Management Alliance is a national organization created to meet the needs of professionals in the claims and litigation management industries.