About Us


Founded in 2016, Coquina Law Group is a boutique litigation law firm that focuses on building honest, impactful relationships with our clients and delivering exceptional results in the courtroom. We work diligently on each case to ensure our clients are informed and given the resources they need to properly evaluate their options. We exist as a resource to our community to protect and preserve the rights of our fellow citizens.


To provide quality service to our clients and be the “go-to” litigation law firm of North Florida.



Our approach is simple, our client’s best interest is our top priority. We focus on creating a positive experience for our clients by giving them the resources they need in order to defend their rights and make informed decisions regarding their options. Our team understands that each client is unique and works diligently to build an individualized case that best suits each client’s needs.

Community Driven

At Coquina Law, we value community and work to be an active member in ours. We aim to leave a lasting impact by building impactful relationships with the members of our community.


Our team believes in results and is not afraid to work hard to achieve them. We aspire for excellence, in and out of the courtroom. Our diverse team of seasoned attorney’s work to provide quality counsel through strong litigation and trial experience.


At Coquina Law, we not only want to uphold the standard but set the standard of ethical law practice in North Florida. We hold ourselves to a high ethical code in order to give our clients the best service.


Honesty is shown through both our actions and words. At Coquina Law we recognize this and welcome it. We value honesty to our clients by giving them realistic and truthful advice. We also value honesty as it pertains to the practice of law by demonstrating just, fair business practices.

Coquina is a sedimentary rock composed almost entirely of seashell fragments. When combined these small pieces of shell turn into a durable stone. A stone so capable, that it has been known to withstand blows from cannon fire. This material makes up the walls of many forts including Castillo de San Marcos, in St. Augustine, Florida. As our firm’s namesake suggests, our attorney’s work rigorously, pulling together all available resources, to build a strong case for our clients. Our team is ready and well equipped to defend your rights, just as the coquina walls of Castillo de San Marcos defended St. Augustine from hostile attacks.