Insurance Litigation

Insurance Litigation is a focal point of Coquina Law Group, representing parties with insurance claim disputes. Everyone has insurance, whether it is mandated car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, business insurance or insurance on a leisure item or specialty issue. Insurance effects everyone. Insurance protects our investments and hedges our bets against loss. Insurance litigation is litigation regarding the coverage provided by the insurance policy or the scope and price of the claim.

The attorneys at Coquina Law Group are experienced in prosecuting and defending insurance claims. We have litigated issues through trial and have the experience and knowledge to negotiate the claims to a satisfactory resolution. We have vetted experts in areas of construction, engineering, meteorology, and other areas that we can trust to provide us the information we need to properly evaluate the claim and provide realistic expectations.

Insurance Litigation can be disputes regarding coverage for claims and/or the amount of the loss. The attorneys at Coquina Law Group handle the following insurance matters:

  • Aviation claims
  • Bad Faith claims
  • Boating and yacht claims
  • Business interruption claims
  • Commercial property claims
  • Condominium insurance claims
  • Coverage claims
  • Declaratory actions
  • Hurricane claims
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Premises claims
  • Residential property claims (homeowners)
  • Roof claims
  • Under/ uninsured motorist
  • Water loss claims