Liability Defense

Coquina Law Group defends liability cases including negligence, product liability, premises liability and professional liability claims.  We defend owners, operators, manufacturers, dealers, maintenance facilities and employers against claims for property damage claims, personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, and business interruption claims.  We defend simple whiplash claims to traumatic brain injury claims and multi-million-dollar property damage claims.  We have connections to top experts in the country, including doctors, engineers, meteorologists, and any other expert needed to help prepare a proper defense and to provide expert opinions.

Whether you are insured, self-insured, or uninsured, we provide quality and aggressive defenses to claims in an effective, efficient and cost-effective manner.  We provide detailed analysis from the start of the case and provide you with updates and revisions to our analysis.  By treating the case as if it will go to trial from the date we are retained and providing you with realistic evaluations, we are able to settle cases favorably and if needed, are able to present the case to a jury in a cost effective manner.

  • Negligence Defense
  • Defamation Defense
  • Intentional Tort Defense
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Defense
  • Boating Accident Defense
  • Premises Liability Defense
  • Product Liability Defense
  • Professional Liability Defense
  • Dog Bit Defense
  • Firearm Defense
  • Business Tort Defense
  • Malpractice Defense