General Counsel Services

Coquina Law Group, P.A. offers general counsel services to small businesses.  We will serve as your registered agent, review contracts, advise on potential disputes, negotiate and send demand letters.  The attorneys at Coquina Law Group will review your insurance coverage, liability risk, and work with you to prevent unnecessary litigation.  We offer yearly and monthly retainer services.  These retainers provide your business legal services for sending demand letters, review and revising contracts, legal advice on disputes or claims, review of insurance policies and coverage analysis, and affords you a discounted hourly rate in the event litigation arises.

General Counsel services provide peace of mind and a multitude of benefits to your business.  When an issue arises, you simply call us and do not have to worry about the hourly rate as it is included in the retainer.  By contacting us immediately, once a potential dispute arises, the ability to mitigate damages and reach a mutual settlement in an efficient manner is greatly increased.  Many times, a dispute over a few thousand dollars or misunderstanding can often increase to claims that are tenfold and the attorneys’ fees will be 10 times as much when a business does not seek legal advice at the onset.  Service of lawsuits is often made upon the registered agent.  When we act as your registered agent, not only can we respond quicker, but we ensure Florida Law regarding registered agents is complied with and thus prevent your company from being served through the secretary of state due to noncompliance.

  • Registered Agent
  • Draft, Review & Revise Contracts and Indemnity Agreements
  • Send Collection/Demand Letters
  • Advise on Potential or Actual Disputes
  • Assist in resolving disagreements.
  • Review & Advise of Insurance Coverage
  • Provide Insurance Coverage Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Review potential or threatened regulatory enforcement
  • Provide guidance on employment risk and labor matters
  • Provide legal educational presentations to client and staff.