Emergency Services

Coquina Law Group provides emergency services in the event of accidents and catastrophic losses.  In the ideal world, these services are not needed; unfortunately, tragic events do occur, and they require immediate response. We are prepared to immediately respond to your company headquarters or the scene of an accident.  Proper responses to a severe loss can mitigate your company’s losses and bring comfort to those affected.

  •   Accident / Incident Response
    • Assist in securing evidence
    • Incident site inspection
    • Obtain witness statements
    • Interface with local law enforcement, federal investigative agencies, and other regulatory authority.
    • Identify and retain appropriate expert assistance
    • Manage media inquiries and releases
    • Cooperate in providing survivor and family assistance
    • Analyze and mitigate potential client exposure
    • Aviation Incidents
      • Obtain, preserve, & analyze available weather and radar data.
      • Provide representation and assistance to client’s participation in NTSB investigation or hearing.
      • Represent client in FAA enforcement or certificate actions.
  • Serve as client’s intermediary in dealing with insurers and representatives and assist in preserving client’s policy rights.
  • Assist in any disputes with client’s insurers.
  • Interpret insurance documents and policy provisions, when disputed.
  • Respond on behalf of client to commercial disagreements and assist in resolving the same.