Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate purchases are often the biggest purchases made by individuals and businesses and are often seen as routine and simple transactions.  Although everyone usually enters these contracts with good intentions, you must be prepared for possible issues that may prevent closing or should allow for voiding of the contract.  Therefore, you should be represented by an attorney when entering a contract for the sale/purchase of property.   After discussing the purchase in detail with you, we will review your contract, suggest changes and go over the contract with you to ensure you are fully advised of the terms and consequences of each clause in the contract. We can draft your offer to insure all expected contingencies are are addressed.  Although Real Estate transactions are routine, they may require more than a simple title search and closing.

Property purchases for business, industrial, or farms may entail Land Use & Zoning matters or specific conditional terms and contingencies in the offer to purchase. This is especially true when purchasing commercial property that may have pollution concerns from prior owners or tenants. The attorneys at Coquina Law Group routinely handle real estate matters than encompass such contingencies and due diligence.

Coquina Law Group routinely represents Home Owners Associations and Condo Association in real estate matters.

Land Use & Zoning

Land Use and Zoning representation is essential for you to be able to develop, revise, or make changes to the use of your property. Coquina Law Group represents land owners on all land use and zoning matters from initial application through litigation. We have represented property owners seeking re-zoning of land, variances, special use permits, environmental permitting, PUD agreements and development. Land Use matters require the hiring of additional experts such as engineers and surveyors, which Coquina Law Group has fostered relationships with. We represent

Real Estate Litigation

The attorneys at Coquina Law Group are experienced in real estate litigation. Real Estate litigation can arise from a multitude of issues such as, contractual disputes, failure to disclose, breach of warranty on title, boundary disputes, easement disputes. enforcement of covenants, conditions, & restrictions, government taking, nuisance, and trespass, etc. We routinely represent title companies, sellers, purchasers, and real estate agents in such claims and litigation.

Disputes regarding title to land often involve the title company and title insurance. Title insurance claims requires detailed insurance coverage analysis and may require a separate declamatory action for relief to determine if coverage is applicable to the claim or not.